Moby’s alarm went off every weekday morning at 3:30 for more than 40 years … and he loved it. It meant he would be in front of the microphone doing what he does best … entertaining the thousands of members of his radio family across this great country. He hung up his headphones on the last day of the year in 2016 after nearly 50 years on the air. Why? Because, he says, his wife told him to. But now ... after a break of just over two years ... he is rejuvenated and ready to entertain again.

Moby started his storied radio career at the age of 15 in Crossville, Tenn., his hometown and the place he got his nickname. Although he had other career plans, he was hooked. He enrolled in college with the idea of becoming a high school band director, but soon gave it up to pursue a dream … radio.

He first headed to Nashville where he worked for Big Band WAMB and fabled WKDF. His next move was to Houston, Tex., where he made his mark as one of the industry’s first “shock jocks” at 97 Rock. He took a two-year “trip” to The Legendary EAGLE in Dallas, Tex., and then returned to Houston for an encore at KLOL.

He finally headed back to his roots in the Southeast for an incredible 10 year run at the legendary Kicks 101.5. His Atlanta-based Moby in the Morning show was syndicated by ABC in 30 cities across the United States. He left Kicks of Z93 in Atlanta before taken a big step and launching his own network.

Despite his brief foray back to rock music, Moby took advantage of his country appeal by starting his own syndicated operation and added stations in small towns across America, including many stations around metro Atlanta. His slogan: "The biggest small town in America!"

For Moby, it’s always been and will always be about the music, the listeners, the fans and the country we ALL love.

It’s that passion for what he does and the deep understanding of who his listeners are that have made him a proud member of the Country Radio Hall of Fame. He is also the five-time winner of Billboard’s Major Market Country Morning Show of the Year and two-time nominee for the Major Market Morning Show of the Year by the CMA. He has also been honored as Academy of Country Music’s Major Market DJ of the Year.

Moby asserts, “When I travel to cities in Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Florida and beyond I’m greeted by people I know, even if we’ve never met. Everyone seems like a long-time friend and it’s that connection you feel and hear when you listen to ‘Moby in the Morning’ all across the United States.”

He has been making those friends (the backbone of America) for more than 40 years now, and it reflects on the kind of radio he strives to create. He has a deep, abiding love and heartfelt feelings for every one of those folks which helps him understand what moves them, makes them laugh and what brings them back every day.

The Moby Show is unique and innovative; it’s a radio show designed for millions of listeners of all ages from towns of all sizes. Moby’s awareness of his listeners and his love for the greatest country in the world is what makes for the exceptional radio that people tune into every day.

And now, through the magic of technology and Moby's uncanny ability to connect with listeners from all walks of life in all kinds of markets, Moby can bring a breath of fresh air to your station.